Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are fun for everyone, they are great for kids to learn the importance of saving H2O. They also are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money! Our Rain Barrels are made from previously used food grade drums, we 100% guarantee we don’t make a rain barrel out of anything […]

Compost Tumbler

Our compost tumbler utilizes heat, air, and water. It is a diy kit that comes complete with the wood pre-cut and drilled. Get started composting right away! Undersink kitchen compost containers (with carbon filter) are available. Upgrade your tumbler with our Compost Tea Kit, simple instructions and enough nutrients to last all season are included. […]


  Our Rain Barrel Plastic mesh screen Overflow valve Easy on-and-off twist top lid Brass Spigot (installed) Downspout adapter Sealed with waterproof caulk.There are many uses and reasons to install a rain barrel. They help save you money and prevent stormwater runoff. Upgrade your rain barrel with our Catch-A-Raindrop Diverter and 100% Upcycled (Reclaimed) Wood […]

Green Living

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    Our Commitment to Rain Barrels and the Environment

    This is our third year selling rain barrels, and we love it! Each year our numbers have grown. Recently we have expanded our relationships with environmental advocacy groups, like the Sierra Club Great Lakes Program, with community gardens like Project Grow (Ann Arbor), as well as with numerous schools. On April 14, 2012, we are […]

Mission Statement:

We aim to promote green living and sustainability for your home and garden!