How do I prevent Mosquitoes from breeding in my rain barrel?
Unless you already have a mosquito problem in your yard or nearby, you most likely won’t have problems. We suggest you place river rocks in the top tray / lid of your rain barrel to be a mosquito blocker. (Also acts as a natural filter and look pretty too!) If you still are worried, you can purchase our Mosquito Dunks and prevent them from breeding altogether!

How much does your rain barrel hold?
Due to the nature of the container being only previously used food grade, our rain barrels vary in size, you may see color and size / design variation. We try hard to keep them as similar to our original design as possible. Average sizes are 180L, 192L, 200L, 220L. Each contained various foods we commonly eat at coney islands.

What are they made out of?
High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

What do I do with it in the winter?
Take it inside if at all possible, otherwise just make sure the spigot is fully opened to prevent it from cracking.

What do I do when the rain barrel is full?
All of our rain barrel kits come with an overflow valve, and instructions on how to decide where to place it. The overflow valve fits a standard garden hose. Once properly installed, you will have the overflow diverted away from the foundation of your home to either a nearby flower bed, pond or rain garden.

What is a rain garden?
Rain gardens are amazing natural gardens that utilize native plants that absorb large amounts of water over a short period of time, thus eliminating that water from the sewer system. This reduces stormwater runoff. (learn more about stormwater runoff.) Rain gardens promote a small natural eco-system while beatifying your yard. Click here to download a how to guide designed by the Sierra Club.

Do you make the rain barrel and compost tumblers barrels?
Yes, our dedicated crew of union employees are the ones who make the barrels. WE DO NOT MAKE THE BARRELS OURSELVES. We are not a plastic manufacturer… simply a re-manufacturer of rain barrels.

Why are the rain barrel and compost tumbler different colors?
Black absorbs heat and therefore is better suited to be a compost barrel. Heat is a critical part of our Compost Tumblers effectiveness.

Where can I buy them besides online?
Our Warehouse (Open to the public):
7010 Middlebelt Road
Romulus, MI 48174

Official Distributors:
The Cultivation Station (Eastern Market), TheraGardens, LLC (Franklin), Project Grow (Ann Arbor), Sierra Club Great Lakes Program (Detroit), Downtown Home and Garden (Ann Arbor), The Green Fundraiser Store (Oxford), Natural Habit, Inc., and Peace Love and Planet (Northville)
If you are interested in picking up from one of these distributors please contact sales@mirainbarrel.com to discuss details.

Composting sounds like a lot of work, how often do I have to add to it?
Only 2-3 times a week, then give it 3 spins, and you’re done!

Do you install the rain barrels too?
Unfortunately we do not, our rain barrel is designed to be an easy build and a do-it-yourself kit. Please feel free to contact us if you have special needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How quickly does my rain barrel fill up in a average rain?
During a normal rainfall, even 1/10 inch of rain can collect up to 63 gallons of water (off of an average 1000 sq. ft roof). This means that most rain barrels will fill up in 5 minutes!

I am a city or municipality and would like to do a truckload sale and/or rain barrel workshop, can you help?
Yes! Please contact us and to discuss details and we’ll try and make it happen, our fleet can travel around the state of Michigan.

I am a teacher and want to do a lesson on compost and/or rain barrels are you interested?
Yes! Please contact joshua@mirainbarrel.com and we’ll try and make it, we love to work with school and non-profit organizations.

Thank you!


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