Heidelberg Project Rain Barrel Workshop, Huge Success!!!

This past weekend we had an amazing Saturday morning at the Heidelberg Project with the help of both the Heidelberg and the Sierra Great Lakes Program, 30 Rain Barrels went to Detroiters’. We showed everyone how to make them, install them, and paint them too! Lots of amazing people and great weather made for an amazing workshop. Thank you Heidelberg Project community and Sierra Club! Below are some pictures from the event. If you are interested in doing a workshop in your community email us for more information.


2 Responses to “Heidelberg Project Rain Barrel Workshop, Huge Success!!!”
  1. Michelle zmich says:

    Interested on doing a rain barrel project for our city..
    734 560 8808

  2. Portia Gray says:


    I’m Interested learning to get or make rain barrels to be used – one behind the house with gutter and one in front of house behind the bushes under the window . Thanks

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