Rain Barrels on the RiverFront 2016

Rain Barrels on the Riverfront is back. A three way partnership between the Sierra Club Great Lakes Program, The Detroit RiverFront Conservancy and Maxi Container (aka mirainbarrel) will return (for the second time this year) to Downtown Detroit this April 23rd and July 18th.

There are many ways to participate. You can buy your barrel right here in advance. Pay online, over the phone, or send us a check. If you are unable to afford the reduced price of $50 to build your barrel you can apply for a scholarship with the Sierra Club by calling (313) 444-3705. If you are unsure if you want to buy a rain barrel, it is free to attend so just show up and watch us build. We will have special guest speakers and demonstrations on how to install your barrel during the workshop, too!

So whether you want a rain barrel or are just curious, stop by Rain Barrels on the Riverfront 2016 to help reduce storm water runoff, promote green living and most of all have fun doing it. Click here to view photos from past workshops.

Register for the event. (Click on the date you wish to attend.)

Download the Flyer here. (Please print out and share with your friends!)

Working together at last years Rain Barrel on the RiverFront event. Almost 100 people gathered to make it a huge first year event, join us for 2013. Make sure to Hashtag your tweets and pics with #RBRF2013 or #RBRF and we'll make sure to RT

Working together at 2012’s (1st year) Rain Barrel on the RiverFront event. Almost 100 people gathered to make it a huge first year event, join us for 2014.


2 Responses to “Rain Barrels on the RiverFront 2016”
  1. Mishael says:

    Health Alliance Plan is sponsoring an earth day (i know it was last month) event on June 2 and 3, 2016. We would like to purchase 2 rain barrels to give away but more importantly we would like to invite someone from mirainbarrel to speak to our employees about the benefits of responsible water management. Please contact me if there is an interest.

    • Joshua says:

      Sorry for the delay, we couldn’t make that event this year but we would love to work with you. Let me know about any other opportunities!

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