St. Paul's Rain Barrel Workshop April 28th 10am

Don’t forget to meet us in Livonia this weekend for St. Paul’s Sowers rain barrel workshop. We will be building barrels for a good cause, to help stop hunger and feed the poor. A portion of the proceeds will be towards the community garden project that feeds the hungry. For $55 you can buy a barrel and build it with us or for $65 you can get one that is pre-built (for pickup) Either way all are welcome to attend, watch and learn.

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One Response to “St. Paul's Rain Barrel Workshop April 28th 10am”
  1. Andrei says:

    Please make a video and show us the correct way,I dont think pleope are really concerned with making it look pretty,they just want something that works,and a quick way to do this,I guarantee if you really need water you wont be worrying about how pretty something looks,lol.

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