Our Summer of Rain Barrel Fun, and the Hidden Enviromental Benefits…

This year was an amazing adventure for me. We got to work some old and soooo many new faces this year. Our rain barrels are all over not just metro-Detroit but the whole country. We owe a lot of this to our new distributors and our local partners. Within shampoos actually highly little need it […]

WJR RealEstate411, Rain Barrel Giveaway, meet our Lucky Winner from Saint Claire Shores!

On April 21 we went on the radio with our pals from GreeningDetroit.com to promote earth day (the following day) and other green news. I decided to donate a rain barrel to RealEstate411 to be donated to a lucky caller. The lucky winner (pictured above) was Judy Trupiano from St. Claire Shores. The value of […]

St. Paul's Rain Barrel Workshop April 28th 10am

Don’t forget to meet us in Livonia this weekend for St. Paul’s Sowers rain barrel workshop. We will be building barrels for a good cause, to help stop hunger and feed the poor. A portion of the proceeds will be towards the community garden project that feeds the hungry. For $55 you can buy a […]

Rain Chains Are Here!

Made from 100% Copper these aesthetically pleasing ornaments will help guide water to your rain barrel in style. No downspout, no problem, with a rain chain you can place your rain barrels where you normally could not, no longer needing an aluminum downspout. You can place them on a corner of your home that normally […]

Our Commitment to Rain Barrels and the Environment

This is our third year selling rain barrels, and we love it! Each year our numbers have grown. Recently we have expanded our relationships with environmental advocacy groups, like the Sierra Club Great Lakes Program, with community gardens like Project Grow (Ann Arbor), as well as with numerous schools. On April 14, 2012, we are […]

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Our Rain Barrel

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RainSaucers Have Arrived, No Downspout Rain Water Catchement Solution

RainSaucers are here from California and they are the next generation of off-downspout rain water harvesting. You can attach this to almost any container, great for disaster relief. Besides emergency preparedness rain saucers compliment homes or garages without gutters and allow you to place a rain barrel almost anywhere! (If you are planning on attaching […]

Workshops for Everyone

Often I get asked about how difficult the workshops we hold are, to this I always answer: “Fun for the whole family!’ No matter your ability level we welcome everyone to our Rain Barrel Workshops, we make sure to be able to accommodate kids and seniors as well as all ability and skill levels. Soon, […]

Rain Barrels on Belle Isle, GoLightly

Recently I got the opportunity to install 11 rain barrels on Belle Isle. This unique opportunity to get involved with the Detroit Public Schools, GoLightly AgriScience techinacal / vocational center and their gardening program. Located in the middle of the Isle, GoLightly is a single classroom with multiple greenhouses attached. You can find it across […]

Rain Barrels on the Riverfront

The Sierra Club Great Lakes Program, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and Maxi Container (the creators of MI Rain Barrel) are joining forces to bring the first ever Rain Barrel sale to the city of Detroit. What a better place to hold this event than on the Riverwalk. The event is on April 14th, Downtown Detroit (Riverwalk) […]

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