Compost Tumbler

compost tumblerOur compost tumbler utilizes heat, air, and water. It is a diy kit that comes complete with the wood pre-cut and drilled. Get started composting right away! Undersink kitchen compost containers (with carbon filter) are available. Upgrade your tumbler with our Compost Tea Kit, simple instructions and enough nutrients to last all season are included. The benefits of Composting are numerous and with our Compost Tumbler it has never been easier!

Compost Tumbler Kit

  • Previously used 58 gal. food-grade drum
  • Black plastic assists compost decomposition by using the suns energy
  • Durable wood frame.
  • Rake system inside helps separate compost.
  • Low impact on your back.
  • Easy on-and-off twist top lid

Includes everything you need except tools for setup

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